Equipment Manufacturers

Is there a specific brand of equipment you would like to put in your home? We can get you any brand that you want.
People always ask us which is the best. Do you ever read Consumer Reports? They won’t even rate the actual furnaces and air conditioners. The reason is that they feel the manufacturer and the design of the equipment only determines about 20% of the performance and life. The other 80% is determined by the installation and maintenance. Most appliances you buy you simply take home and plug in. So it’s easy for them to take two brands side by side and compare them. Furnaces and air conditioners can’t just be plugged in. They require major installation and continual maintenance. That’s why it's said that, “The most important day in the life of your furnace and air conditioner is the day it is installed!”
Lots of companies only carry one brand, so which brand do you suppose they’ll say is the best brand?   . . . The brand they carry! We know that we're going to install it the best way possible. What is most important for us is the way a manufacturer supports its equipment and dealers. Because of our affiliation with AirTime 500 and International Service Leadership, we have a combined buying power of over $500,000,000 and we aren’t at the mercy of manufacturers. Plus...we get the lowest prices possible.
Here are a few of the brands we use and stand behind.
After evaluating your home's dynamics, we will recommend the models that best suit your needs.

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