Kelly Mae (Queen of Comfort)

Kelly Mae is a native of Southern California raised in Yorba Linda. Kelly loved all sports but her Favorite was Softball. Other interests included Motorcycles, Drums and Watching football with family and friends. From a very young age she began working with her Father in the plumbing business. She would go on service calls and help repair boilers and furnaces. Kelly had a liking to Heating and Air conditioning. As the business grew Kelly’s dad opened an Air Conditioning division with Partner Frank Gleason to help the company grow. Since Kelly had a liking to this she went back to school to learn more about HVAC. After sometime Kelly and Frank Wed. Air Concepts was totally independent and now runs with Kelly as the Majority Owner. 

Recently Joshua (Kelly and Frank’s Son) has joined the business and brings in his honesty and great work ethic to the table and delivers what he says.

 Kelly’s interests today are pretty much the same. She Loves spending time with her family and friends and still loves Football. She has two sons that help in the business and has been married for over 22 years.  Her core business values are honesty, dependability and value.  “We do it right the First so you don’t have to do it again”  is her slogan and she is Woman of her word.

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